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Monster Truck Signs. It’s a 2 day wrap

Rob from Daynite Towing in Kewdale came to us with his “Burgundy” Monster truck, which he wanted transformed to match the branding of the other trucks we had done with us. Some of you guys out there in the public see, our work getting around Welshpool and Kewdale, well we just wanted to touch on a little bit of the time and effort which goes into getting this thing over to the finishing line.

We clean the vehicle by hand, going over the whole vehicle to remove all dirt, glue, bitumen and general crap from the roads including the roof, because we want the job to be “spot on” mickey mouse, magic. Yes we have a lot pride in our work and don’t cut corners to get there. It’s a meticulous process.

Nutech Signs and Print team wrapped the whole truck including the roof to make it look like the wizard of Oz, you know, the yellow brick road, happy coloured vinyl. 100% Primrose Yellow.

We use Avery Supreme Wrap, because its moulds and warps to the grooves and bodywork nicely. It is highly manageable and durable as well. We need to have confidence in our products to work our magic!

The vinyl is only secondary though; the real finish comes from our highly experienced craftsman wrappers. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating this talent and experience. You need patience, precision, concentration and perseverance.

Jason Evans got stuck into Day Nite’s Aussie flag design and then proceeded to print it on our “Eco Friendly Wide Format Digital Printer.” with Paul Cartwright, teaming up with the monster wrap! In house, Yes we do it all ourselves, no shipping it in from china, no outsourcing, we have complete control of this baby and we take ownership of our work and can guarantee after sales service if you happen to innocently to bump into the poor bastard in front of you while checking out your latest selfie at the traffic lights. We keep all your artwork on file ready to use fix your dented fender or grill. This machine dries our prints instantly enabling us to laminate the print immediately, so there is no down time. This makes up for our outdoors winter weather down time. Yes we do building signage as well. Outdoors!

On the home straight to finish wrapping the monster truck Jason Hiam, added his touch with a few highlights, using his traditional sign-writing skills to the Day Nite’s Aussie flag to make it pop!

How long did it takes to complete the job, 2 days, and yes, it included wrapping the winch in red. I am told Rob from Daynite was pretty stoked.

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